2018 Top FPV Mini Micro and Nano Drones

2018 Top FPV Mini Micro and Nano Drones

Nano-tech can be applied in the making of drones. Nano drones are the smallest drones to ever be created. It could be held by your whole palm. Unlike the mini-drones which fit into a medium backpack easily. 

With the size of a Nano drone, it shows that it is perfect for indoor flight. They are obviously light-in-weight, too light to withstand strong winds. Flying the Nano drone outdoors is a bad idea, it could lead to losing it.    Seeing the Nano drone’s size, weight, and indoor usability, you would probably ask. Are the Nano drones meant for beginners?   People would conclude that the Nano drones are not for beginners due to the presence of advanced parts and components in the Nano drone than in the microdrone. 

Although, the Nano drones are perfect for beginners. It advanced parts is just to ensure an improved ease of use for beginners and better flight experience which is the reason which small drones are preferred.   Nano drone is actually affordable despite their advanced parts. You could buy one and learn how to fly quickly. It is easier to learn since it is easy to use.    Another feature that is respected about the best Nano drones is its durability.    Now that you know the necessaries of a Nano drone, here are some of the best Nano drone models you could get. 

2018 Top FPV Mini Micro and Nano Drones

Newest Syma X20 mini pocket drone   This is a tiny pocket drone with lots of features you would like and will make your flying experience excellent. It is like a tiny box filled with surprises. 

Functions like headless mode, LED lights, one button operation all in a tiny quadcopter. The design is truly perplexing and wonderful at the same time. It worth the money for it.    Key features :

  • There is an altitude hold mode, once activated you to maintain your drone at a particular height in which the drone can fly. It acts as an autopilot system.
  • There is the headless mode which makes piloting the drone easy and problem free without worrying about the drone’s orientation.
  • The return home button is present. Once you push the button, your drone will return to your location with the help of GPS, it will retrace its movement.
  • It can roll and hover in 360degrees
  • For great stability, the drone possesses a 6 axis gyro quad rotor-craft
  • Its flight time is up to 5mins 
  • Its charging doesn’t take longer than 50mins
  • LED lights are placed on the quadcopter in order to be visible in the dark
  • It usable on indoors and it has a controlled distance of 50meters 


  • Easy to use 
  • Auto take-off and landing feature is present
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Durable 
  • Light in weight 
  • It offers you precision flying 

Cons   • There are no cameras.   DROCON    This is a special drone that gives you a smooth flying experience. It is also easy to operate especially for beginners. The drones are packed with unique hovering and spinning functionality, all this will be available to you at an affordable price. 

2018 Top FPV Mini Micro and Nano Drones

The Drocon scouter mini RC drone remains a firm toy. Several important and interesting features are possessed by the Drocon and it is worth every dime. This can be a great gift for your young drone pilot.Key features :

  • It’s charging time is between 30-50mins
  • There two methods of charging; the first is by USB connection and the other is a built-in cable in the drone controller
  • The drocon possesses all the necessary features, like the headless mode, altitude hold and so on
  • Its remote control range distance is up to 100meters
  • The drone makes use of three-speed settings such as low, medium and high
  • Its flight time is up to 8mins
  • The drone is has LED lights fixed on it for visibility while you fly at night 

Pros    The three-speed limits can help you learn how to fly the mini-drone carefully, as you turn from a beginner to a pro   It is easy to operate    The red and blue LED lights make device great to fly at night    It is extremely portable, it could be folded despite its compactness   Cons    • Absence of camera 

2018 Top FPV Mini Micro and Nano Drones

TOZO Q2020 Drone RC   This may be small but it is fun and very effective. Anyone who loves the experience of flying drones will enjoy the TOZO Q2020. This is a stable and safe drone due to its four guarded propellers.    Key features :

  • It’s charge time is up to 60mins
  • It can last in the air for up to 8mins
  • The drone is stable while flying due to its 6-axis flight control system 
  • Three speed modes are present for learning experiences
  • Both headless mode and LED lights are present for easy flight 
  • It also has an anti-collision feature prevent the drone’s propellers from damage 
  • The control range is between the distance of 30-45meters 


  • The three different speed modes will guide you as you move for a beginner to a professional the most fun, comfortable and easy way 
  • It can be flown in both indoors and outdoors 
  • With the Tozo you can perform fun stunts like the 360degree flips and flops
  • The anti-collision feature will ensure that your drone is safe from damages, especially to the propellers 
  • It is Affordable 


  • Syncing with the controller might take a while 

Conclusion    Nanotech being introduced into drone making is a huge step and it results is the simplification of the drone device. Drones became much fun and much easier to fly. Its ease of use and great features is due to its up to date components.    The given above is not exhaustive, you can always find the best mini-drones from our site.


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