13 Basic Tools Needed for Plumbing

Plumbing is a system which uses tools like pipes, valves, fixtures, tanks and many other apparatus to convey waste, solid drainages or drinking water and other pipeline oriented jobs. Most common application of plumbing in our day to day lives is drinking potable water, which is supplied everywhere through pipes. Waste removal and heating or cooling is some of its common applications. A person who deals with anything related to this profession is known as a plumber. 

Different Tools Used by Plumber


It is the most common tool used for plumbing purposes Normally people owns it to solve the basic plumbing problems themselves. Plungers are used to remove the clogs in the drains, toilet or sinks. Plungers are inexpensive and are used frequently that is why every household has plunger in their house.

Pipe wrench

It is also one of the tools will surely find in a good plumber’s tool box. It allows you to get a good grip while holding a pipe. It comes in different sizes. It helps a plumber do his job more effectively. It is really inexpensive. Many households like to keep this in their houses.

Pipe saw

A pipe saw is used to cut the pipes. It can cut right through dry walls or wood too. A good plumber must possess a strong pipe saw. It is also known hacksaw.

Adjustable wrench

It will help in adjusting screws, nuts, bolts or fittings that have flat side.

Rib joint pliers

It helps in gripping or turning pipes which also helps in handy nuts, bolts, or fittings to have a firm grip as and when needed.

Internal pipe wrench

It comes in different sizes. It can fit right where you want be it strainers in bath tub or sinks. It also makes removing or installing new pipes a whole lot easier. It doesn’t weigh much so is easily carried anywhere. It makes the job of plumbing quite convenient.

Internal pipe cutter

Many a times a plumber may need to cut a pipe from inside; It is used as an internal pipe cutter. It cut the pipes from inside to make a plumber’s job easier. It is less costly compared to other tools which can cut pipes from inside like drills.

Pipe crimpers

It is another inexpensive tool that is used by plumbers. It helps in crimping ends of a round metal pipe. It can be useful for other reasons too.

Faucet handle puller

It helps in installing or removing a faucet handle as simple as possible. Removing and installing faucet are difficult. A faucet handle puller helps to make it easier.


One of the most common problems a plumber face is clogging. Many a times drains and sink clog due to hair in the pipes. An auger can easily remove a hair clog from anywhere. A professional plumber will always have an auger with him to clear any clogging problem because an auger can remove any gunk as easily as possible.

Pipe thawed

Many   times a pipe may freeze. It is when a pipe thawed helps us out. Earlier frozen pipes used to be a major issue. It would require digging the floor or breaking down the wall to get to the frozen pipes. However, a pipe thawed had made this very convenient. 

Pipe inspection camera

Professional plumbers use this tool to determine the plumbing problem one is facing. It makes the work of plumbers even more efficient and easy. They are really expensive therefore is not generally seen in common households.

Tubing bender set

Many a time a plumber may need to bend copper pipes to accomplish his work. This is specially designed to bend copper pipes.

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