10 Quick Signs that Imply your vehicle needs a Car Service ASAP!

If sluggishness, squealing, vibration, and unreliable are some of the words which describe your car’s behavior lately, then it may be trying to tell you something and it is high time that you consider these signs as an indicator that take it to a car service. With newer advancements, it is normal for the manufacturers to recommend you to take your car to a service at their suggested intervals.

Signs indicating that your car needs a car service pay close attention to the signs mentioned below:

  • Engine warning lights: The little lights on your dashboard indicate if the engine is working properly or not, and it is advised that you keep observing these for any issues or problems with your car and take it for car service at the right time.
  • Stalling again and again: If there is recurrent stalling of your car, this is a sign of trouble lurking and also indicates that you can be in a dangerous situation. So you would want to take your vehicle for car service before anything unwanted happens.
  • Smoke from under the hood: There shouldn’t be any kind of smoke coming out from your vehicle apart from the back, especially under the hood. This is an indicator that there is an over-heating problem which can seriously damage your engine if you don’t stop driving.
  • Strange noises: Any kind of strange or unusual noises coming from any part of your vehicle points to the fact that it needs to go for a car service before the issue becomes any more serious.
  • Recurring transmission issue: See how your car functions in normal conditions; if there is any difficulty to speed up or any dramatic operating sounds or feelings, you’d want to get it tested at a mechanic shop.
  • Engine chugging or shaking: This is mainly a problem with your vehicle’s performance which implies that you have to take it for a tune-up. You can either take it to the garage right away or just wait for the next appointment as it is not much serious of an issue.
  • Vibration or pulling under braking: This problem could be due to worn out brake discs or pads, which can be classified as a suspension or steering problem. It is not at all safe to drive your car in such a condition which is why you must get it serviced at the earliest.
  • Leakages: If you notice any leaks under your car where you park it, especially along with any of the mentioned signs in here, you may want to take it to a car mechanic as soon as possible. You would want to look for a bright green (coolant) or dark brown fluid.
  • Poor mileage: If there is a feeling that you are needed to fill in the fuel tank more often as compared to before in spite of having driven for the same or even lesser distance, this may indicate a reduction in fuel mileage which means you have to take it for car service.
  • Reduced comfort and convenience while riding: If you find that your vehicle has become low, if the speed bumps are becoming more serious, or you hear its wheels screeching on the wheel arch of the car, it is an indicator that you get it checked.
Car Service
Car Service

These signs will help you to determine if there is some serious issue with your vehicle which needs you to take it on a trip to the garage and get car service.

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