10 Free SEO Tools to Achieve Better Results

One of the goals of an SEO expert is to exceed the needs of their client and do more jobs efficiently and effectively. Generally, marketers find it much easier to do their tasks using the proper SEO tools. This kind of tools can gather the entire domain meta tags in just a few minutes and as well as, it is easy to determine what are the factors causing an issue from a website. They can also guide you to finish various jobs quickly and meticulously.

If you want to attain an exceptional outcome using SEO, you can make use of Joel House SEO services which can definitely guide you in carrying out any SEO-related tasks and produce a better outcome. However, there are tools which are still free to utilize. These are more practical to use especially if you are on a limited financial plan and yet, needs to carry out a group of jobs in a certain amount of time. Still, you can go for paid tools if you think that you will need all the elements the tool can offer to achieve a better result.

Here are the 10 leading SEO tools to utilize this 2019:

1. Google Analytics

This is the most famous, finest and costless of all SEO tools that aim to get an exceptional comprehension on the needs of the customers. It provides a lot of website’s information like the site’s traffic, locations statistics, and it can also monitor the number of visits on your website.

Since Google Analytics provides a lot of relevant information, SEO experts can improve their marketing plan and assess which techniques are adequate and which are not really contributing in achieving a favorable outcome. Google also brings pleasing tools like Keyword Planner and Search console.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

The loading speed of a page is a very relevant factor of a site. The faster your page loads, the better because there will be a high probability that many users will be satisfied and this may also lead to higher rankings. Google PageSpeed Insights is absolutely free. It analyzes how quick your web page loads and it will also give some tips and ideas on how to enhance your site.

This tool is applicable to both mobile devices and desktop. It will also analyze if your site’s performance is slow, average, or fast. In the previous year, Google made an extensive update which makes a page speed an essential factor in getting high rankings. This means Google Page Insights is beneficial for your website for the reason that it will guide you in developing your site’s speed performance.

3. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is an exceptional tool which collects important information regarding the different inquiries that people are making online. When you put in a keyword on this tool, it will gather the most used phrases and questions that people normally utilize when they are trying to make a search using a certain keyword which will be shown in a visual report.

All the information collected gives the marketers a judgment with regards to the major interest and wants of your possible customers. It will give them an idea of how to address their customer needs. Another feature of this tool is, it can suggest keywords utilizing prepositions. It is a tool which can help every marketer in building good content which will be shared and fond of by a wide range of audience.

4. Free Ahrefs Backlink Checker

If you want to analyze the best links directing to any web page without spending a dime then, this tool is perfect for you. Working with this is pretty simple because you will only need to put in the URL you wish to examine and it will present you results which they call a domain rating score. It will also give you the 100 best links designating to your website.

This is really compelling because of its free features like, the ability to show an outcome straightaway and it has an effective link checkers that can gather superb backlinks. It also shows the aggregate count of referring domains and backlinks. In addition, it also presents both the domain scores and link labels.

5. Free SEOquake

SEOquake is a free and well-known SEO tool. It only requires you to have a SEOquake extension on your preferred browser. Upon completing the installation, a toolbar will be shown in your browser and you can already start a quick and thorough SEO audit on any of your chosen site. It shows the aggregate count of external links, social shares, and your site’s indexed pages. It also provides an on-page SEO tool that will detect all the flaws on your website. As well as, some tips on how to fix them.

6. Keyword Tool

SEO professionals should know how to do the keyword research task. But this is a sluggish procedure if you are not using the proper tool for this job. Keyword Tool can give a list of suitable keywords on every topic you desire to do. It can give you approximately a lot of search words which includes the most search ones. It can also remove the negative keywords, organize the most suggested words and the usual queries searchers are making with your keyword on it.

7. Beam Us Up

Beam Us Up is a costless website crawler which will guide you to improve your rankings and popularity. But, one of its downsides is, it is only available for Windows users. If you are more convenient in using Mac products, Screaming Frog is also a free site crawler which can reach a maximum of 500 web sites.

8. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is very beneficial when looking for circumstances where you can apply a broken link building. It can generate a record of extracted links in a CSV form consisting of the status code, type of link, and other relevant data.


This tool can collect a complete list of the e-mail address associated with a web page promptly. Also, you can work with it when you wish to look for a particular person’s e-mail address by inputting the individual’s name and the domain. To get a fast approach in this tool, you can install an extension in Google Chrome or just utilize the related add-on feature in Google Sheets.

10. SEO Web Page Analyzer

SEO Web Page Analyzer is a free tool which will help you to develop your website and will also provide an extensive study of your site. It will analyze the heading structure, alt tags omitted, external and internal links, and other elements that make your web page. An overall score of 0 to 100 will also be presented.

Author Bio – Joel House is a founder of Joel House Search media along with it he is an author and entrepreneur. Joel has over 10 years of experience in SEO and Digital Marketing. Many small and medium business contact him to rank in google.


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