10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are back — this time in a variety of modern designs. If you are thinking of updating your window treatments, then plantation shutters may be precisely what you need.

Exterior windows plantation shutters are customized to fit perfectly to every window in your house. They can be designed for a diamond, arched or circular shaped windows.

You can either choose composite wood shutters, solid hardwood shutters, vinyl shutters or metal shutters. Plantation shutters offer top insulation, privacy, and an effective means of controlling sun rays and light in a room.

With a wide range of curtains, shutters and blinds in the market today, picking the best window treatments for your house can be tricky. You have to find a balance between aesthetics and budget.

Below are 10 benefits you will realize when you install plantation shutters in your home or other outdoor structures.

1. Durability

Plantation shutters can last longer than other window treatments. They don’t fade with time or due to sun UV rays. Unlike shades and blinds, plantation shutters are sturdy and thick and do not tear or rip easily.

If you have kids or pets in your house, choosing long-lasting window treatments can save you much stress. You only have to install plantation shutters one time. The cost of replacing drapes or curtains now and then is thus eliminated.

Metal window shutters are the best for high traffic areas. Wood or vinyl plantation shutters are incredibly durable as well.

Maintenance depends on the material used. For instance, wood shutters need extra maintenance, while polycore shutters require minimal maintenance. Proper care is needed to prolong the life span of your shutters.

2. Elegance

Adding plantation shutters is a great way to give your house a touch of elegance. The upscale, classic look will add appeal to your house. The overall appearance of your house will improve whether you are looking from the inside or outside.

Plantation shutters add charm and warmth to a house exterior. From the interiors, your house will look refreshed and updated.

Shutters rhyme with any home décor. You will not have to replace them in case you think of decorating your house.

Beautiful plantation shutters can be a selling point when listing your home. Isn’t this a great advantage?

3. Light Control

Controlling light in your house with plantation shutters is easy all thanks to the adjustable louver blades. These blades can be moved or angled down or up to let in light. They also enable you to block light from decorations or furniture. This helps prevent damage from harmful UV rays.

When closed, the plantation shutters work like standard curtains. They block out a significant amount of light and only allow very minimal light to enter through the cracks. If you want to take a nap during the day, blackout shutters will block maximum light.

Plantation shutters are ideal for kid’s nursery or bedroom. They are also perfect if you love keeping your room dark or suffer migraines.

4. Provide Comfort

Exterior shutters are thick and designed to fit perfectly into any window frame. They thus offer maximum insulation compared to shades or blinds. During winters, the warm air inside does not escape through the windows. Cooled air, on the other hand, stays inside during summer days.

With custom made shutters, you don’t have to invest in supporting hardware like valances, curtain rods or drawstrings. This stuff occupies valuable wall space in your house.

Since plantation shutters are thick, they give total privacy when closed. You can install locks to the shutters to prevent any entry attempts. They also block out outdoor noise.

5. Variety Of Materials

Materials used to make plantation shutters include PVC, natural wood, or aluminum. PVC plantation shutters look like wood shutters but are cheaper.

You can choose the material you want depending on the home decoration theme. Wood shutters can be hand-painted or stained to achieve a luminous finish. Your color choice also depends on your home color theme.

Special coatings are also added to the shutters to prevent warping, peeling or flaking. This applies to houses in humid areas.

6. Add Value To Your House

Shutters are considered permanent attachments to your property. When installed, the value of your house increases. You can thus use them to bargain for higher pay.

You can, therefore, regain the money spent while buying and installing the shutters after selling your home at a higher value. A high property estimate translates to added value in case you want to get a home equity loan.

7. Easy To Clean

Cleaning plantation shutters is super easy. A damp cloth is enough to wipe the blades. Dust trapping hand wipers are also ideal for frequent light dusting.

Dusting and cleaning shutters are cost-efficient compared to cleaning curtains and drapes. Also, you avoid the struggle of getting up on a stool or ladder to remove and hang drapes or curtains.

8. Comes Is A Wide Range Of Styles

Exterior windows shutters are available in different styles, unlike other window coverings. The styles include entire window coverings, half window coverings, bi-fold panels, and solid panels.

You can also opt for custom made shutters that you can open to let in air or lift them when dusting or cleaning.

9. Health Benefits

Dust profoundly impacts the well-being of asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Healthy individuals can also have problems when in a dusty environment.

Dust settles on fabrics and blinds. It is difficult or even impossible to clean dusty traditional window coverings thoroughly. Plantation shutters are however more comfortable to clean and thus ideal for allergic and asthmatic individuals.

If anyone in your house suffers asthma or allergies, plantation shutters can keep the environment dust-free.

10. Keep Out Unwanted Friends

Plantation shutters allow proper air circulation in your room while keeping out pets that may get an attempt to get in through the windows. Shutters are a great way to keep out annoying animals.


Plantation shutters are elegant, stylish and go with numerous decorations. This is the main reason their popularity is increasing by the day. They can look good in traditional homes and modern houses. Try them out and see what happens.


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    I can’t really seem to decide what to do with my windows and we’re almost done with our home renovations. It’s great to know that window accessories like plantation shutters are easy to clean and could really benefit those people who struggle with lung problems. Reading this health benefit is really convincing me to try this out for my windows.


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