10 Decorating Ideas with Metallics in the Bedroom

Many people believe that a shiny metallic touch can make a space more glamorous. Almost every space and design benefits from gleaming metallics that add a touch of luxury. Even a bit of metallic decorative in your room can enhance the visual appeal and aesthetics.

Decorative metallics come in many forms, and there are many ways to use such materials. A decorative piece that suits the best on a wall may not be suitable to use on another. Therefore, you can take professional help to do it in the right way. Let us explore some decorating ideas to use metallics in a bedroom.

Metallic wallpapers

Installing metallic wallpapers is one of the easiest ways to bring shine to your bedroom. Wallpapers come in various finishes like silver, golden, golden yellow, brass, and bronze. They not only bring shine but also improves the light in your room due to reflection. As you cover an entire wall, it is sure to add appeal and enhance the light in the bedroom.

Soften it and keep the pallets neutral

The best way to use metallic and mirrors in a room is to blend them with soft textures to balance them. Missing the textures create a contrast with metallics and look best when used with precision. When you want to use multiple metallics in a room, you may want to keep the scheme subdued. For example, you can pair brass with dark colors like black or purple or bronze. Moreover, shiny colors like chrome, satin, and stainless pairs well with gray, blue, and even white.

Golden curtains


Almost all homeowners have curtains in their homes, and you can buy them in a variety of colors. People who like metallics can have golden yellow curtains to install on doors and windows. If you don’t prefer golden, you can try a neutral color of curtains that works well in bedrooms.

Bed with a metallic finish

Most people prefer wooden bed but some like metallic as it creates a vintage style. Brass beds are popular in country and coastal decorations. They offer some shine to your bedroom and also creates a classic style. Even if it doesn’t fall in your style, it works well to enhance the metallic appeal in your bedroom.

Picture and mirror frames


Wallpapers and beds are not only the ways to add metallics. You can also use picture frames and mirror frames in your room. Pictures frames and mirror frames come in gold, and brass finishes as they are the most common for frames. Moreover, curtain rods are also good items to incorporate metallics in your bedroom. If you have plastic rods, you can replace them with metallic.

Silver headboard

The headboard is the part of the bed that stands straight behind your head for support. You can buy a double-sized headboard in golden or silver finish. Although it is merely your choice, you can have a golden or silver finish for your headboard. This giant headboard with silver upholstery is luxurious and complements your bed in the best way.

Trendy Pillows

Pillows are essential accessories in your bedroom and can help you to bring a touch of metallics. You cannot go wrong with pillows as all you need is to wrap them in covers with a golden or silver finish. Place them on your bed, and also put one pillow on every chair. You can place a pillow with a metallic finish on any seating space that needs cushioning. Another benefit of using pillows is that you don’t need to buy new pillows. Changing the covers of existing pillows will do the jobs.

Paint the ceiling

Most homeowners pay attention to the walls but overlook the ceiling. However, your ceiling can do a lot to enhance the interiors of your rooms. Painting the ceiling in golden or metallic design can do wonders for any room. Moreover, the designs on the ceiling create symmetry in your rooms that add to their aesthetic appeal.

Vanity Table

Having a vanity table is a great idea to make your bedroom shine with luster. You can buy a vanity table with a metallic finish, or you can repaint your existing table with metallic paint. If you decide to paint it on your own, it can be a DIY fun activity. If you have a vanity table with a mirror painting, it with golden paint is sure to create a gleaming effect in your bedroom.

Door and Windows

You can also paint your doors and window frames with metallic paint. Some people like to keep the metallics to a minimum in their rooms. For such homeowners, painting their doors and window frames is the best idea. Doors like glass sliding doors Sydney are available in various metallic themes and colors.

Some tips for using metallics in your bedroom

Mixing the metallics with soft fabrics like velvet and wool helps you to create a subtle overall effect that is neither too much nor too little. Don’t use multiple colors in your room to keep an overall neutral theme.

However, you can combine brass with dark tones like black, purple, and navy. On the other hand, chrome and lighter finishes go well with light colors like white, beige, and gray.

Start small to see how well the metallics appear in your bedroom. Using it for small areas like a vanity table, chairs, the furniture will give you an idea of the effect it will have when you paint an accent wall or ceiling.

Final Words

These are the best decorating ideas for your bedroom using metallics.  You should not overuse metallics in any area of your house, as it can lead to a high reflection of light that can be irritating to your eyes. The key to using decorative is to create a balance with other elements in the space where you want to use them. Implementing these decorating ideas can help homeowners to create a metallic theme in their bedroom or any other area of their house.


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