10 Benefits of using Android Apps for Business in Globally

Android has more than 85 percent of the worldwide market share which makes it the most successful and the biggest mobile platform out there. Google keeps coming up with new versions full of enterprise-friendly features who have enhanced security which is appreciated by users around the world. As of today, there are close to 3.5 million apps on the Google play store and the numbers keep on increasing with every passing day. Whether iOS is the better platform or Android will always remain arguably, as both have their strengths and weaknesses but this piece has been put together to highlight the top 10 benefits of using android apps for business in globally.

1. Higher Return-on-Investments

Since it is an open-source platform, the SDK is very easily available to all developers. Other benefits include the app development process being comparatively cheaper than other development processes. The entire development cycle can easily be categorized into three phases which are inclusive of design and development, app testing, and also deployment. The entire development process doesn’t cost a bomb and the developers are easily able to implement the designs and develop an interactive app for very low prices which has the potential of reaching out to a global audience. To put it in very simple words, Android apps worth their salt has the capability of offering much higher return-on-investments than iOS apps.

2. Compatible for BYOD

BYOD is used across different business sectors. The approaches have enhanced communication to a considerable degree regardless of factors like distance and time. It is easy to implement BYOD in some of the largest market shares of Android. Android apps can get higher penetration among their employees. Android runs on various devices and most of them are very affordable and within the reach of a lot of demographics.

3. Effortless Customization

Since it is a versatile platform that prides itself on being highly flexible it allows for very effortless customization. You can get an innovative app at the end of the day which is diverse in functionalities. Since it is a solid operating system, it can integrate multitudes of modifications that have a diverse range going all the way from simple to complex. Any business requirements can be solved very easily within this platform, which is a gift that continues to give. This platform also enables users to update different tools that can meet the changing requirements.

4. Enhanced Security

Google which owns Android continues to roll out recent updates that are very business-friendly and helpful for the majority of the users. It is also comparatively more effective than Apple when it comes to data security. Its security framework is so robust that it is difficult and almost impossible for different malware to locate and compromise its data structure as explained by Emagined. The automated system is also able to send notifications periodically to the users which helps to keep the users updated. Further, it is very easy to market your Android app which is all because of the platform’s prevalence.

5. Google services

It is one of the most solid benefits of using a Google app. Even though many services of Google are available in iOS apps, they lack the integration required for it. When you get an Android app you can make full use of the apps and features of Google and pass it on to your app users. Plus, whenever Google launches a new service or app, it can very easily work on your Android app with ridiculous ease.

6. Wearable Tech

This has become a new norm and its usage is becoming commonplace in all walks of life. They have gained ground very effectively as an effective and very solid tool of communication. Further smartwatch notifications have also become a lot more common as they are managed by Android. More than a majority of all enterprises have already put the BYOW policy to use. It is very easy to integrate such technology in your business frameworks with the help of a solidly built Android app.

7. Very less Time to Market

Getting there first means everything in the business environs of today as the market continues to get a lot more competitive and ruthless. It is thus integral on your part to come up with ass as soon as you can, to gain competitive leverage over your competitors. Android can help you in this aspect as well as their rich array of development tools can provide a quicker development along with an easy integration of your desired features. It can be very easy to build an app for your company in a very less amount of time and you can also get a benefit from very reduced time to market.

8. Enough scope for Innovation

One of the biggest advantages of Android is its unmatchable global presence. If a business owner wishes to target a selected audience, getting your work done with Android is the best way imaginable. Android developers can help you with your agenda by using cutting-edge tools along with other technological advancements. It is very easy to get app solutions through the help of AR and VR, none of them are going to cost you a bomb.

9. Progressive Platform

Android continues to evolve every passing day and new OS versions are launched every year. The software is near-perfect and the smartphones are also pretty solid as they are built by some of the biggest and most recognizable companies on the face of the earth. The Android smartphone manufacturers continue adding new features to stay ahead of the curve and the competition and the developers’ community can get familiar with them rather quickly. A lot of game-changing features were first introduced by Android OS than everyone else. If and when you choose an Android app, you can also make full ease of this rapidly progressive Android app.

10. Custom ROMs

When you work with custom ROMS, it is very easy to change the appearance and performance of the app. Further, the Android devices can very easily be customized as per the business model through the help of these custom ROMs. Most of them are completely free of cost and are still pretty robust and solid as they are built by core developers. These ROMs can also bring in instrumental changes in the way of the development of mobile apps and the benefits can be leveraged by the business.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of using Android apps and the same have been mentioned above for the benefit of all our readers. Android has the lion share of the market share and the benefits that can be availed upon the use of this app can prove instrumental in the success of a business. Android and iOS are two of the biggest platforms out there with their strengths and weakness and you should pick a platform best suited for your requirements and then hire experts to build the same for you.


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