10 Awesome Lipstick Hacks Every Lady Must Know

10 Awesome Lipstick Hacks Every Lady Must Know

Lipstick is often considered to be an essential accessory that enhances the look of a woman. Whether you’re going to attend an official meeting or you’ve decided to join your friends in the club party, a lipstick is all that you need to boost your appearance.  

Not only does a lipstick works as a major beauty product but the presence of certain ingredients including Aloe Vera and Vitamin E can keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. And this is the reason why almost every second lady in this era carries at least 2-3 lipsticks in her purse. However, unless you utilize them appropriately, there isn’t any point in trying different shades.  

So if you wish to lighten up your smile, here are some common hacks that can define your lips properly. Moreover, these hacks would assist you to utilize this lip-brightening accessory to its fullest. So here we go:  

1. Exfoliate your lips

Ever wondered why beauty experts often put lip balm on their lips before applying a shade? A lip balm, Vaseline, or any other moisturizer softens your lips and make it all set to apply lipstick. Prior to using any shade, I often use Mascara wand on my dry lips to make it smooth to go.  

2. Do not let the lipstick stick on your teeth

Applying a lipstick in such a way that it neither spreads over your face nor does it stick to your teeth isn’t that easy how it seems to be. If you aren’t a professional makeup artist or you always find it tricky to keep the shade away from your teeth, no need to worry. Keep your finger in the mouth and wrap up your lips to remove excess lipstick from your lips and teeth.  

3. Always use concealer

If you want to get an amazing look and defined lips, it is worth using a concealer to get a solid application. If you don’t have a concealer, you can use your eyeshadow brush to achieve a precise look.  

4. Use translucent powder

Using a translucent powder can escalate the span of the lipstick on our lips. Whether you’re going for a wedding ceremony or you have planned for a whole day outing with your beloved partner, a woman barely goes out without carrying their beauty products mainly lipstick, isn’t it?  

However, you can easily wear any shade of lipstick for a long time applying a translucent powder over it. Apply your favorite shade and keep a tissue on your lips. Sprinkle translucent powder on the tissue and that’s it!  

5. Use a pink lipstick shade as your blush

A light pink colored lipstick can also work as a blush on your cheeks. You just need to apply the shade and blend it properly.  

6. Use hairspray to clear a lipstick stain

Apply some hairspray on a cotton swab and place it on the stain for 10-15 minutes. Wipe the mark and rinse off your face with cold water.  

7. Let your small lips look larger

Are small lips your major concern? Of course, this tactic can enlarge your lips. You just gotta put a particular color of lipstick all over your lips and apply a same yet lighter color shade at the center. And that’s it! you can make your small lips appear a lot bigger.

8. Keep your lipstick in the fridge

In the summer season, your lipstick is likely to get melt due to hot temperature. However, if you want your favorite shade to last longer, store it in your fridge.  

9. Fix your broken lipstick

Is your favorite lipstick shade broken? No need to worry, combine both the broken pieces of the shade and use lighter to melt and join them again. Note that keeping the flame on it for a long time can cause the entire lipstick to get melt.  

10. Remove Lipsense with Vaseline

If your stubborn Lipsense isn’t removing, apply some Vaseline on your lips and rinse it off with water. So if you’re searching out tips on how to remove lipsense, this easy hack can be the best solution.  

Final verdict

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or you are a beginner in this field, following these 10 tips can definitely help you define your lips in the best way. So follow these easy hacks and get smooth yet brightening lips. All the best!

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